Friday, January 10, 2014

15mm T1 Cunningham ( available for sale from QRF )

Four variants of 15mm T1 Cunningham are available for sale from Quick Reaction Force store.

Here are 3D renders of all 4 variants. From above to bottom:

T1 (1926) Cunningham (sloped turret, short gun, early hull)

T1E1 (1927) Cunningham (sloped turret, short gun, late hull with catwalks)

T1E2 (1929) Cunningham (cylindrical turret, short gun, late hull with catwalks)

T1E3 (1930) Cunningham (cylindrical turret, long gun, late hull with catwalks) – up gunned T1E2 modification

Please note, that T1 from first picture is a hybrid with the early war hull but late turret with long gun

Swedish S-Tank (The Stridsvagn 103)

I am proud to show you 15mm Swedish S-Tank or The Stridsvagn 103, that I finished at the beginning of December, but because of Christmas and New Year I found time to post it only now :)  

There should be a cupola MG, but I haven't unified this element yet. There are be 15 parts (actually its 14 unique parts, because two headlights are identical, so there should be be 14 parts on mold and 15 parts in a pack (I need to unify Machine Gun))