Saturday, October 23, 2010

15mm Dover Demon - sold to Rebel Minis

Saturday, October 9, 2010

15mm floating alien brain monster - SOLD to

My 4-th 15mm sculpt! This is floating alien brain monster wich is loosely based on Octabrain from Duke Nukem 3D( ) but design is completely different. This is geneticaly engeneered flying creature wich can mind-control a swarm of mindless monster solders to win a war for its masters (like platoon or squad commander)

I spend many hours detailing his brain :), so I hope you like it. This is 4 parts model. 1 head and 3 tentacles. In final casted and assembled version it should have 7 tentacles (3 at each side and 1 at back)

I've attached photos of this monster. Sorry for photo quality, I have cheap camera :(

Monster's head next to 15mm Laserburn range adventurer from

different angles of monster's head

My poor attemt to assemble monster with blu tack ( ). Unfortunately blu tank hde all bottom details :)
Also I used photoshop to copy legs from left side to give you an idea how this monster should look like in final version. I have 3 versions of tentacles, and the idea was to cast 2 versions of each of tentacles +1 for back of monster (it have 7 tentacles)
On next picture you can see ruler, head and 3 versions of tentacles. I added a names to tentacles (wich is front, middle or rear)

bottom side of monster head. Seven tentacles should be glued to 7 holes

Thursday, October 7, 2010

15mm - Thing from Abbys - SOLD to

My second 15mm sculpt. Slug monster named Thing from Abbys. This is mother-monster who spawns and army of bloodthirsty broodlings.

Thing from Abbys next to 15mm Laserbun Adventurer from

Different angle of monster

15mm - Big eared gecko - SOLD to

Here is my first 15mm greenstuff sculpt (and third greenstuff sculpt ever, previous 2 was 6mm martians). Hope its ok Smiley

This big eared lizard is inspired by Fallout 2 gecko. To avoid plagiarism claims I changed gecko design a bit. Its body more close to Fallout 2 gecko, but head is closer to Fallout: New Vegas gecko. it have 3 fingers, not 4 (or 5 in Fallout: New Vegas version) and also ear design is different. Not guys from Bethesda Softworks can say that it is plagiarism, its just just big eared lizard Smiley

Here are photos:

Gecko next to 15mm Laserburn range adventurer and ruler from

Different angles of gecko

Gecko next to 15mm Laserburn range adventurer from

Original model from Fallout 2. Now you can clearly see design differences.

6mm Martian Infantry - SOLD to

I want to share a photo of my FIRST GREENSTUFF SCULPTS EVER! (Not firsts sculpt ever, beause I was sulpting through my all childhod with plasticine, so I have some practice).
This is martians from War of the Worlds. I hope my poor macro photo wont ruin this model.

Armed and unarmed version
Martian near Brigade Models APC
Martian next to Brigade Models 6mm Infantry

Martian next to ruler

Different angles of unarmed martian