Thursday, October 7, 2010

15mm - Big eared gecko - SOLD to

Here is my first 15mm greenstuff sculpt (and third greenstuff sculpt ever, previous 2 was 6mm martians). Hope its ok Smiley

This big eared lizard is inspired by Fallout 2 gecko. To avoid plagiarism claims I changed gecko design a bit. Its body more close to Fallout 2 gecko, but head is closer to Fallout: New Vegas gecko. it have 3 fingers, not 4 (or 5 in Fallout: New Vegas version) and also ear design is different. Not guys from Bethesda Softworks can say that it is plagiarism, its just just big eared lizard Smiley

Here are photos:

Gecko next to 15mm Laserburn range adventurer and ruler from

Different angles of gecko

Gecko next to 15mm Laserburn range adventurer from

Original model from Fallout 2. Now you can clearly see design differences.

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