Saturday, October 9, 2010

15mm floating alien brain monster - SOLD to

My 4-th 15mm sculpt! This is floating alien brain monster wich is loosely based on Octabrain from Duke Nukem 3D( ) but design is completely different. This is geneticaly engeneered flying creature wich can mind-control a swarm of mindless monster solders to win a war for its masters (like platoon or squad commander)

I spend many hours detailing his brain :), so I hope you like it. This is 4 parts model. 1 head and 3 tentacles. In final casted and assembled version it should have 7 tentacles (3 at each side and 1 at back)

I've attached photos of this monster. Sorry for photo quality, I have cheap camera :(

Monster's head next to 15mm Laserburn range adventurer from

different angles of monster's head

My poor attemt to assemble monster with blu tack ( ). Unfortunately blu tank hde all bottom details :)
Also I used photoshop to copy legs from left side to give you an idea how this monster should look like in final version. I have 3 versions of tentacles, and the idea was to cast 2 versions of each of tentacles +1 for back of monster (it have 7 tentacles)
On next picture you can see ruler, head and 3 versions of tentacles. I added a names to tentacles (wich is front, middle or rear)

bottom side of monster head. Seven tentacles should be glued to 7 holes

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